Contract to cede second-hand articles to La Dormilona Models, S.L.

    • Following an initial contact by telephone or email and both parties having discussed the matter, you confirm your interest in ceding and LA DORMILONA MODELS, S.L. its interest in receiving, if it is of mutual interest and has a commercial purpose. Our expert will carry out a free appraisal of the item or items offered for cession and will provide detailed unitary concepts on the invoice of the corresponding final liquidation. Said appraisal will be carried out to ascertain the actual market value of each article.
    • In order to market the goods deposited you cede the rights to LA DORMILONA MODELS, S.L. to photograph, display and reproduce graphically, either in print or by electronic means, the goods listed for sale in the cession form. You also cede the rights to use said images for advertising purposes.
    • LA DORMILONA MODELS, S.L, which has an insurance policy for the purpose, agrees to store the aforementioned goods, advising of any damage they may suffer.
    • LA DORMILONA MODELS, S.L., depending on the valuation of the articles, will agree on a percentage of the selling price and agrees to pay the costs of administering the sale.
    • Payment for lots that are auctioned and sold will be made within ten days of the date the items are sold, providing said lots have been paid for by the end purchaser. Should the successful bidder or purchaser fail to pay, LA DORMILONA, S.L. will take all the measures within its power to obtain payment of the pending amounts and will keep the assignor-seller informed of these.
    • LA DORMILONA MODELS, S.L. will be responsible for paying the direct taxes applicable to the sale of second-hand articles under the following concepts: 5% Property Transfer Tax and 21% VAT.
    • As assignor you will be responsible for and declare that you are the present owner of the articles you are selling and that they are free of liens, encumbrances and claims that could impede the completion of the transfer or, if applicable, guarantee that you are duly authorised by the legitimate owner to dispose of them, with the obligation to corroborate this if necessary.

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